Soft Scrubs(TM) Disposable Scrubs

Soft Scrubs™ Disposable Scrubs

Soft Scrubs™ are made of an incredibly soft, smooth material giving the wearer extra comfort while being well protected.  Easy disposal after each appropriate use provides an effective way to prevent the spread of germs, bioburdens or contagions. Soft Scrubs� provides modesty with complete �no show through� coverage. Short sleeve shirts have two pockets and hemmed rounded collar.  Long sleeve shirts have hemmed rounded collar with one pocket. Pants have elastic waist, reinforced crotch and open leg.


  • Perfect undergarments where sterile gowning is used
  • Reduces cross-contamination
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Precisely cut for an easy fit
  • Convenient rear hip pocket for the pant
  • Durable, elastic waistband for a comfortable fit
  • Long sleeve shirt available for added protection

Soft Scrubs™ Disposable Scrubs

Available Garments

Short Sleeve Shirts

Short Sleeve Shirts - FS2065B

Denim blue short sleeve shirts with round hemmed neck, left chest pocket and right front hip pocket.

  • 50 per case
  • Sizes:
    • FS2065BM - Medium
    • FS2065BL - Large
    • FS2065BXL - XL
    • FS2065B2X - 2X
    • FS2065B3X - 3X
    • FS2065B4X - 4X
Long Sleeve Shirts

Long Sleeve Shirts - FS2064B

Denim blue long sleeve shirts with round hemmed neck, left chest pocket and elastic wrists.

  • 50 per case
  • Sizes:
    • FS2064BM - Medium
    • FS2064BL - Large
    • FS2064BXL - XL
    • FS2064B2X - 2X
    • FS2064B3X - 3X
    • FS2064B4X - 4X

Pants - FS2062B

Denim blue pants with elastic waist, right rear hip pocket, open ankles and reinforced crotch.

  • 50 per case
  • Sizes:
    • FS2062BM - Medium
    • FS2062BL - Large
    • FS2062BXL - XL
    • FS2062B2X - 2X
    • FS2062B3X - 3X
    • FS2062B4X - 4X

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